“Offering up an ‘if you like this, you’ll like that’ moment re: a charming newsletter chock-full of good recs by two smart women.”

We were featured in the newsletter that inspired ours. And then we died.

— Claire from Of a Kind

“The only reason I am even 1% cool is because I read Garden Variety. If you're a person who likes things just because things are fun to like... then this is for you.”

We’re blushing.


“I seriously love this newsletter - and I don’t love a lot of newsletters. I’ve only been getting it for a few weeks and I can’t stop telling my friends about it.”

We're the newsletter for those of you who don't even *like* newsletters.

— C.K.

Finding Wonder in the Ordinary

We send out new issues of GV on Friday mornings. This newsletter is about noticing the good corners of the internet and enthusing about our favorite life hacks (which we refer to as a #LifestylePSA). 

We agree wholeheartedly with Annie Dillard when she says

"how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."

We don't want to look back on our years and remember a blur of appointments, errands, and to do lists. We believe that the lazy afternoons stirring a pot of soup on the stove, the flashes of inspiration that come when we're reading a poem, and the feeling of hygge while candles burn down around the table after a meal with friends are worth remembering. We want to be intentional about noticing and remembering the things that make up this life. This newsletter is a small part of that practice. We hope it helps you to see magic in the everyday life, too.

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Need an example of a Lifestyle PSA? Neither of us can live without this water bottle. We both use this magnetic car mount for our phones. And, if we really want to splurge, we wash our sheets in this laundry detergent.

Who are Emily & Mallory?

We are strangers brought together by long distance book clubs and a long list of mutual friends and even more mutual interests.


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