Issue 162

From Mallory

How Different Is Your Interior Style From Your Fashion Sense? And Tips to Find Yours (Man Repeller)

This spoke to me as I am much better at shopping for my home than my person.


Deb Perelman’s Work Diary: The ‘Smitten Kitchen’ Is Open - Even When the Cook Is Sick (New York Times)

One of the best things about Smitten Kitchen is Deb’s you-could-be-my-best-friend vibes, which she accomplishes by being honest (hates doing the dishes! sometimes she doesn’t do them!), by advocating for short cuts (store-bought actually is fine!), and by being pitch-perfect when it comes to self deprecation. So it shouldn’t be a shocker that in this work diary we learn Deb is truly as relatable as she seems to be <3

Lizzo: Tiny Desk (NPR)

I will have failed you if I did not include this Top 5 Tiny Desk concert that came out this week. Surely you’ve seen it shared?! Even NPR Politics tweeted about it!



Medicine’s too expensive! Mallory’s sharing a website that got her a cheaper prescription by, like, 80%! All future lifestyle PSAs (and this one) can be yours when you become a paying subscriber.


Fleishman is in Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner (Amazon)

Miracle of all miracles! I got the summer’s hottest book from my library’s long-ass waitlist. I’m mid-read, so next week I will let you know the full rundown of my thoughts. Right now all I have to say is Fleishman is in trouble. And he likes to sext.


The Lion King: The Gift by Beyoncé (the album)

Unpopular opinion: not that into Beyoncé (to be clear, definitely don’t hate her)

Current opinion: this album is baller

Best track, IMO: SPIRIT

From Ty

Durga Chew-Bose Has Been So Young For So Long (SSENCE)

There are some writers that act as thresholds between two selves. I have three: Dante Alighieri, Virginia Woolf, and Durga Chew-Bose. There’s something light about Chew-Bose that tricks you into thinking you’re reading some fluff piece on Buzzfeed (which she did) until you reach the end of the essay and feel something akin to expansion. She isn’t afraid to be sentimental. She isn’t afraid to be ironic. What she does is see, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t scour the internet for her information so I could get coffee with her. I’d jump on a plane in a moment if she responded.

As They Re-Enter the Mainstream, can Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Keep Their Cool? (The Guardian)

These two Twilight lovers became the coolest people in Hollywood. I’m jealous and I’ve decided to base my entire novel-writing, screenplay-penning, drinking-scotch-for-breakfast existence on the types of roles these actors take. Cool and obscure and just plain strange. I once read that the difference between hip people and cool people were that hip people knew who the cool people were, while cool people were strange and had niche taste and never left their Brooklyn apartments. But that’s neither here nor there. Can you be cool and popular at the same time? The questions of adolescence haunt us till we die, it seems. Also Durga Chew-Bose interviewed Kristen Stewart for Vanity Fair.

Tamino: Tiny Desk Concert (NPR)

Talk about cool. Tamino is of Belgian, Egyptian, and Lebanese descent and the music he crafts somehow melds all those influences into haunting melodies that get you before you’re gone. Colin Greenwood of Radiohead fame plays bass in the video.

Paris Versus New York (Shop)

If you haven’t figured this out I’m a cliche. A white man writing a novel who has to decide whether to live in Paris or New York is literally the biggest eye roll but I couldn’t care less. It’s a real decision that needs to be made, one that Vahram Muratyan had to confront when he began a travel blog as he moved between both cities. Pretty soon the similarities and differences were too hard to ignore. The prints have been brought together in a book but you can buy them separately as well.



Ty is sharing the thing that helps him connect living in the world with his academic interest. You can have this resource, too, by subscribing!


Beloved (Goodreads)

I had a terrible education. None of the books you read were forced onto me. I remember reading Silas Marner by George Eliot and that’s about it. It’s worked out in the long run, though, as I don’t think I would have loved the books like I do now. Don Quixote, Wuthering Heights, and now Beloved. It’s really hard to read which means I have to sit with it longer so the spell she weaves settles on a deeper level. Also, watch the documentary about Morrison. You won’t be disappointed.


The Big Day by Chance the Rapper

He met Kanye West and he’s never going to fail.

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